Radio Wildfire

Tonight (6th July 2015) Radio Wildfire play a track from "In The Fine Night We Marched", entitled "The Fierce Cross". 8pm.

In The Fine Night We Marched

At last! Well overdue - but I finally found time to complete this wee project. 23 tracks ambient style drone and atmosphere with lyrics/spoken word. 

The work was inspired by a trek I made in 2013 from the Pyrenees to Fisterra - some 900km - along the Via Franca, one of the old 'pilgrim' routes to Santiago Del Compostela. 

Along the way the notes I salvaged became this. It is an attempt to convey the experience and the resulting state-of-mind in a poetic and evocative fashion. For any of you out there that have walked the route much will be familiar, for those who haven't I hope it provides inspiration. 

Please follow the link to my Bandcamp page


So a while back I did a few tracks with Audiothrillseeker - the guy's incredible... anyway, I digress - the tracks will be available for a small fee on Bandcamp  

- links forthcoming - 

However, with insight and wisdom ATS sent our tracks to a radio show run and 
curated by Zaph Mann 

The show is available at the following links and if you are looking for a music driven production which showcases a diverse variety of music then this one is for you. I've listen to a lot of radio shows and podcasts but find it hard to find that rarest of gems  - one fundamentally driven by musical content, well here you go.



So it appears Doghorn Publishing are in hiatus... my contact with them has been sporadic to say the least since 2013. Lots of promises were made, little was forthcoming. 
However The Wolf Stepped Out is still available at the link below. If you have any problems with the link please let me know, here, or at my email. 

'Here's an author, like Dante, equally at home in Heaven and Hell. It's incredible to relate, but Dave Migman evokes the Scottish countryside's loveliness with power sufficient to counterbalance the harrowing urban hideosities and the gargoyles who leave slime trails on the cobblestones.' —nth position. 'As you might expect the portrait of a life that Migman paints is relentlessly dark and unsettling. And yet it is leavened also by a kind of brutal poetry. The prose may be grim, but it is beautifully, glisteningly grim. Migman alternates between complex, keen and lucid descriptions and complete up-front baseness.' —Neon Magazine


Soundcloud Stuff

In case you browsed by and want a taster of some of my spoken word there are numerous examples in Soundcloud.  Set up a free account, find loads of new music, lots of free stuff etc - but most importantly leave some feedback and get in touch. Link below:

Back after a brief Hiatus.

There are going to be some changes around here. I little more proactivity. A little more reaching out.

So, this is an update. 2014 was spent working in Scotland. Non-stop for a number of months with the mission of making as much swag as I could, thus enabling me to  concentrate on writing. There are several projects that have been niggling away, like little mice, nibbling at the corners of the cheese of my reason - so to speak!

I am currently residing in Italy. A large roomy house in the middle of grape vines... so, I am potentially surrounded by inspiration. I have spent the last god-knows how many years in rented accommodation in Edinburgh, travelling for the winters when the season was slow (and I needed to escape or blow a gasket), returning every spring. For all those years I have lived in shared accommodation, bedsits and rooms. I have lived on top of people, surrounded by noise and I must admit, I found it hard to find time, space and peace of mind to write.

This move initiates great change and offers me time and space to get on down with the words!

However, in the meantime I have been cobbling together some music and spoken word tracks, mainly using my iPad (I would prefer guitar and my drum... but that is coming soon). I've been busy in Garageband since i bought the thing in September. So if you want to hear some of the recent work:

Poems Place Soundscapes

Mark Goodwin requested one of my spoken word efforts, a collaboration with LLOM entitled "Through The Empty Open"  - you can find it here

Information about the exhibition is here.