DogHorn Studios

The editor of Dog Horn Publishing has asked me to undertake the task 
of curating a weekly/monthly podcast (Dogcast). 
I have accepted the invitation
and so
I am seeking submissions of poetry, prose, rants, rolls, friction, fiction, the weird, the insane, 
the fucked, the mucked, both ugly and beautiful, let it flow, speak it to the beast, record it, 
add some noise, send it in MP3 format - to me at:  davemigman(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)uk

If you need ideas please check out some stuff by Dog Horn Publishing, or check out Polluto, to get a better understanding what floats the boat.

There are no financial rewards, only eternal glory, a chance to promote your work, to raise 
your fists from literate gutters and volley the airwaves with our unsightly tirades!

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