Polluto 10

You couldn't do much worse than get your hands on a copy of Polluto, and in Issue 10 there is work by a whole host of talented people. The theme is Wage Slave Orgy, and I have a short in there entitled Clean Up, which is full of white noise, explosions, visceral tension and insanity. 

But it is also reassuringly good to pick up a magazine in which the poetry therein isn't the usual 'affected' lame drivel that puts many off poetry. For example the sequence from Claudia Serea's 'The System' is as profound as it is concisely well crafted - and that's only citing a single example in this handsome journal (with excellent cover art by Vince Sammy). 

For those of you bored of the usual 'Best Sell' options that plague the shelves of shops because the buyers for franchised booksellers care not for Literature but only what sells, or rather what they believe sells.  

So treat your self! You fucking deserve ya big hairy bastard!


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