The Adamant Shade

This project began in the fall of 2012 while I was entombed in a cave house on the wintery island of Santorini. Originally entitled Fringe Scabies the band were formed by Wurzel Swaytooth and myself. The idea was to create a little artistic havoc on Soundcloud. 

Since then things have shifted with Mr Swaytooth taking an increasingly active role in the creative process. Thus Fringe Scabies, like some pale, obese maggot, underwent a terrific metamorphosis. The Adamant Shade is here!

The Adamant shade is a collective involving the likes of Spleen Erebus, LLOM and Darkofmaya.
please check out the Sound Cloud page and have a listen. We are drawing upon fiction/fact and occult sources to produce music and spoken word in a variety of sub-genres. Nothing is set in stone, everything is up for grabs. Enjoy!



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