Pending Work and notions growing

 A seed was planted long, long ago by a beautiful French woman  - she often said that I should combine my art and written word. This idea hovered in the background, like a stormy squall for years.  I even made a couple of attempts at graphic novels, but the style of art I'd decided on was too labour intensive and time consuming (photomontage and 3D modelling composited in Photoshop - samples of which can be found on my website HERE). For decades I've been moving around, place to place, NFA. Such graphic ventures were impossible undertakings: yes, they were begun, but when I went travelling elsewhere (for months or whatever), I found it near impossible to get back into the rhythm.

So, when a beautiful Italian lady tells me I should combine my art with writing, my ears perk up. I'm more settled now (touch wood) and have the space and some time to explore possible avenue of creativity. So be warned, a change is coming! There will still be poetry and spoken word, but art is going to feature and I'm thinking of some kind of webcomic for adult readers. I know, the net's filled with cutesy manga style crap, but it won't be that.

That being said, I did a project with Spleen Erebus from Serbia in 2013 and we produced a concept spoken word LP entitled Sheol. Along with that collection of tracks I created a Graphic book of lyrics and art. Here's a page from that:

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